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Stephanie is a Black Londoner, who believes there is strength when we come together and share our lived realities as women. After travelling across 4 continents of the world and living in the Netherlands, Australia and Portugal; Caribbean descent Stephanie has faced transnationally the lived realities of gendered racial oppression and is set to embark on border-crossing, doctoral research, which reflects and centres on the lived experiences of Black diaspora women in white postcolonial spaces. Stephanie holds a first class Masters in Politics and Society and has been awarded a PhD Studentship in Politics. She is known for her critical input and heartfelt personal and political endeavours which has seen her facilitate and garner engagement around contemporary issues surrounding women, race and inclusion. Her career history encompasses editorial direction, award-winning community-led advocacy and creative social innovation. Join the Navigationship conversation to hear more of her take on border-crossing life, project insights, going against the grain, and all the topics in between, and get to know her more!


Ashley is a Black American, spiritually conscious, yogi, founder and content creator. She has been navigating the better part of her adulthood, away from the U.S., travelling to over 20 countries; living in the UK, Australia, France, and Mexico. She has experienced various forms of homemade racism and sexism in the U.S., and she has experienced micro-aggressions around the globe, all with their different flavour and cultural nuance! Yet her sarcasm, resiliency, and spirituality has always seemed to get her through.  She started her own Content Writing Company, called Thoughtful Thorough, to help diverse founders from Europe and North America develop their brand identity from a human focused and inclusive point of view.  Join the Navigationship conversation to hear more of her many US exoduses, travel, dating, and all the topics in between, and get to know her more!

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