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Navigating The World As Young Conscious Black Women



Image by Li Yang

Navigating Our Podcast

Ashley & Stephanie

Hi! We are two friends,  Ashley and Stephanie, hailing from opposite sides of the pond, who happened to have met in Sydney, Australia! After years of sharing our experiences with one another through the trials, traumas, and travels; we wanted to expand our safe space we have cultivated for one other, as friends, with other black women.


We talk through some of our highs, lows, and just utter tomfoolery experiences on everything: dating, work, "ex-patting", and healing; with humour, respect, and honesty. Most importantly, Navigationship is one of those spaces for black women to listen, laugh, respond to the conversation, and just feel safe. We all are navigating this world in different ways of a shared / similar experience. We want to make sure we honour and uplift each other in the process. So join in and listen to us as we navigate together!


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